Climate Change and a Baby Sea Lion

Today I’m not going to write about architecture or design but about our planet because of an experience we had this week. We’ve heard about climate change.  We’ve experienced climate change with the draught here in California.  But it really hit home with the girls when we found a stranded baby sea lion on Wednesday.…

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It’s Spring!

It’s the season to get into the garden again!  I’m excited because last fall I dipped my toe into the whole edible garden thing and now I’m ready to dive in! I told you all about the blueberries and the vertical garden. Over the winter…I know, if you live in the Northeast United States you’re…


Currently Blooming

While the rest of the country is buried in snow, we in Southern California, are in what I consider our prettiest season.  The hills are lush and green thanks to all the rain!  The temperatures are either warm and lovely or just cool enough to get cozy in a sweater and slippers. The sun is…

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Scouting Sundays: Mar Vista

I’ve missed the last two Sundays due to a family emergency. My mom had an accident on the 13th and I flew to Florida for a week to be with her.  I’m finally home and starting to get back to my routines, including being on here. So, back to looking at architecture throughout Los Angeles.…

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Scouting Sundays: Woodland Hills #2

This next home is also in Woodland Hills but unlike the last one, I don’t know the owners. I have no great insight to share. The house looks very beautiful with it’s grand windows, expansive backyard and the great pool with a lovely view! Enjoy the tour! I love big windows in kitchens.