I’m starting a list of the things we want to change in the house. Lets start with the kitchen. I love its length and counter space. I love all the cabinets…for space but not their design. I love the light in here, especially in the mornings.

So, here is what I’d like to change:
  1. Get new light fixture
  2. Change the facade of the cabinets and drawers and replace hardware.
  3. Change granite counter top. I can’t see any of the spills on here because of all the damn variances in color. It’s also just too busy.
  4. Change out the faucet.
  5. Get a fridge, washer and dryer.
  6. New oven and over head vent which doesn’t work. The vent also allows so much hot and cold air to come inside. It’s wasteful.
  7. Get AC vents to come into the kitchen. The previous owners did a redo and pulled out the soffit in the living room which had the air ducts on top of it. Without a soffit there is no vent.
  8. The dish washer will eventually need to be replaced. It does a “fair” job.
  9. Dividing door between laundry and kitchen needs to be done differently. The space could be used better and the door should be stylier.
  10. If we should ever do a total redo I’d like the kitchen cabinets to go higher on the side where the fridge should go. Amazingly enough, I could use more storage space.
Some things like the washer, dryer, fridge are essential but the others I’m not sure how soon we can afford to do all this. Also there are big projects that need to be done in the house. For starters, the electrical needs immediate attention. Keeping the entire house from short circuiting and starting a fire is always a good place to begin.

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