Darn Italians!

We’ll be needing a toddler bed soon enough. I know every line of modern kid’s furniture, from Dwell to Netto to Room and Board and everything in between. Of course I end up finding a bed I love but it’s from an Italian line that doesn’t distribute to the United States. All the same really, as I’m sure I couldn’t afford their stuff anyway.

Nume Design has a bed I love with both form and function. Because our home is Mid-Century and has big triangular windows at the ceiling line we get a fabulous amount of light into our house. Problem is these windows are in our bedrooms and our bedrooms face the street. Any kind of window treatments looks like graffiti on the outside of the house. The house looks ugly with the windows covered. However, all that light keeps little ones from napping. So, what to do?

Italian design to the rescue! Nume’s bed is like a fort and would work well to block out light! My hubby and I plan on building a version of this bed and I plan on using heavy fabric to block the light. What kid doesn’t like a fort? What mom doesn’t love a good sleeping environment? And what modern design lover doesn’t love Italian design?

Only problem: actually getting my hubby and I to build it.

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