Dog House? No, dog IN house!

This is Clooney.  He is our “new” dog. We got him back in January from Karma Rescue.  They told us he is a 3-year old lab, shepherd mix. After getting to know him I know he’s lab, pointer and rhodesian ridgeback.  There is no doubt he’s a hunter.

You see how Clooney is on the floor?  That’s where he’ll remain.  All these blogs with pictures of pets on furniture?! You will not see that in our house. At least not with me knowing it.  I love Clooney but I would never let him on our Barcelona chair, or the Jonathan Adler pillows or our Dwell bedding….if we had any of it.  

Our dog is big. We take him hiking, running and we wrestle with him outside on the wet, muddy lawn. I bathe and wash before placing my tooshie on any of our furniture. Clooney wears his same shiny (but most likely dirty) coat inside and outside so he’ll remain on the floor.

To keep our house minimal and clean we’ve had to up our housekeeper from every two weeks to once a week.  I vacuum the house at least once in between her visits.  A dog of this size and breed really doesn’t go with a white-walled minimalist interior but there is just too much love and fun in this house with him.  

His “function” wins over the house’s “form”.  Plus he’s got quite some “form” himself. I love the color of his coat and his white markings on his face, paws and tail.  He fits with the furniture…just not ON the furniture.  

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