My happy mug

For the last post, about the dining room wall painted black, it took me three days to get the table and dining area clear….or as clear as I was going to get it.  That’s a busy traffic space for us.  We still have tax documents out in boxes and file folders, even though we’ve been through with taxes for over a month.  Our weekly newspapers are stored in a Costco box.  I figure one neat, ugly box beats piles of disarray all over the house.  And finally there is my ever present favorite cup and French press that sits on the dining room table 24/7.

I’m a sipper. I drink one or two cups of coffee throughout the entire day.  If I get a Starbucks latte it’ll go in the fridge at the end of today and I’ll reheat the second half for breakfast tomorrow.  That’s how I like it.  Gross for some, perfect for me.  

This is my favorite cup.  It’s from Paperchase. I purchased it at Borders years ago.  I love the design, the size and the details. On the inside of the mug is a mouse.  I fill the cup until it looks like the mouse is sitting on the coffee.  I know this is incredibly childish but it makes me kind of laugh every day.  

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