Summer Play Space

During the summer, the most popular place to play is right outside the sliding glass doors to our backyard.  The space remains fully shaded until about 3pm.  P will spend hours out there. I like it because I can see her from the kitchen, dining and living room.  To make the space more inviting and cheery I bought a few fabric umbrellas in Chinatown and hung them from the patio cover. 

I took all my Starbuck’s iced grande latte cups and turned them into creative art.  P painted, glued and glittered a few.  I strung bells  to them and then hung them from the wood overhang. Now, we have wind chimes that make the space feel even more kid friendly and I feel I have something to show for all the coffee I drink.  This is my cost-effective way of putting “lipstick on our backyard pig”.

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