Nothing Exciting

I spent the 4th of July weekend doing projects around the house. Nothing special or amazing but it was the kind of projects that take up time and need to get done.  

First, I mulched and landscaped a bit more of the front yard.  This is such hard work. Our soil is incredibly hard. We haven’t watered this front space in months so to pull weeds I first have to wet it down for a while and then go at it with a pick.  I was exhausted when I finished this part…..and there is so much more of this space to do!  Bloody hell!

Next, I moved my work table from the back patio to inside our carport.  The table has been in the backyard for a while and it looks incredibly ugly. However, since I have to keep an eye on P when I do any project I placed the table here amongst her toys and near the house. D flipped a few weeks ago when he realized that table has been there for almost two years and it still looks the same: piles of materials and half done projects.  

I’m actually quite excited of my new work space. D cleared out a bunch of stuff from our garage in preparation for this move.  I’ve been hesitant to work in the carport because there are so many black widows in there.  They’ll eventually come to see this is MY space and move out.  Once I got the table in there and started organizing my tools I really liked it.  I would love to have this kind of garage/work space below, but if I had the money to do this then I’d spend it elsewhere. Some place more visible.   

My third accomplishment was to paint our log holder.  D found it on Craigslist and gave it to me for my birthday. He knew I’d love it because he heard me oooh and ahhh over the one Morgan found at The Brick House.  Problem is, ours is cracked, and I didn’t see it until I was painting it. So, now I need to find a cheap welder.  

Fourth accomplishment was hanging our dragon.  An artist friend of mine, Bill Kheel, made this dragon for P before she was born.  It’s suppose to be her riding the dragon, except P is blonde and blue eyed. But Bill thought my daughter would look more like me…not my husband. I love this dragon.  It had hooks with wire attached to the back but the hooks fell out and the poor wood dragon was on the work table for months.  I finally decided to drill two small holes in it so I could properly hang it.  I’m sure Bill would not approve of me putting holes in his work but it beats the thing getting chipped in various spots.  

I also worked on another on-going project that I’ll reveal later and I finally got off my butt and posted a faucet and sconces on Craigslist.  They were all here when we bought the house. Not exactly the appropriate style for our Mid Century baby.  

So, I worked my butt off. I’m sore, from finger tips to the hairs on my head but have nothing glorious to show for it….except for a sense of accomplishment. 

3 thoughts on “Nothing Exciting

  1. those are the worst kinds of projects. no big change at the end, but all the frustration and labor thrown in.

    We have the same “junk table” on our back patio that has been killing me for two years. Rotating beer cans, paint, sandpaper…trash…it's just never clean.


  2. Thx T! You hosted two parties! That's a lot!

    BH: the only way to get rid of the table all together is to live in a house that's new or completed by someone else. However, something tells me part of your joie de vivre, like me, is to have your hands “in it”.


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