What do you think?

What do you guys think about these chair pads? I know they’re not the the bikinis, which traditionally belong on these chairs.  However, I’ve always  thought those pads were too thin.  I got a lot of weight resting on my hiney so I’d like some good cushion for our long, leisurely lunches and dinners.  Plus, the bikinis start at $69 per pad!  These were $6 a pad. That should give you an idea of where I got them.  Yep, Target. 

I’ve been looking for a cool looking pad for a while now.  When we were in Palm Springs three years ago, we stayed at the Parker Hotel. They had these cushions on their Bertoias and I really liked them.  
So, I’ve been looking for something similar.  Last week I was zooming through Target when I spotted these cushions. For $6, I at least had to try them.  Dave wasn’t gung ho until I mentioned the price.  And to be honest, I normally think that’s not a good reason to buy something. You should like it all the same if it was $1 or $100 or else you end up with a house full of $1 junk.  However, I like them and because they were so inexpensive I won’t freak out if we spill red wine or blueberries on them….very feasible with a 3-year old.  

So do you all like them or has my money saving brain totally ruined my designer eye? 

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