Egg on My Walls

Sometimes I juggle too much.  I tried to make a quick meal before heading out for ballet class with P last week.  Thought I was so on top of it all. Dinner would be ready when we returned.  Instead I made a huge mess.  I left three eggs, in boiling water, on the stove and forgot to turn it off. When we returned, a cloud of smoke welcomed us in when I opened the door.  You would think I would instantly remember the eggs. Instead, I looked for an electrical fire because what else could it have been? I didn’t leave a fire hazard behind. Not me!  

Needless to say, I spent the following day cleaning up egg off of EVERYTHING! I had to pull out the 12 foot ladder to get it off the ceiling.  The stove and cabinets were a mess. I even found a chunk of yolk on the sofa at the far end of the living room.  Scary.  The cleanup was a pain but it prompted a major spring cleaning.  It felt so good to do and now it feels even lovelier to live in. 

Sometimes home projects have nothing to do with remodeling or drastic before and afters. (The egg mess was drastic but very hard to capture the details on camera.) They do have everything to do with cleaning and maintenance.  It’s amazing how much time they take up but they are the constant “oil changes” of the house that make it last.  
 The “after”. A spotless kitchen!

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