Snake Flower

A couple weeks ago we did more “mulching” and added a new row of plants called Snake Flower. They’re South African natives that are drought tolerant, need partial to full sun, look lush and flower from Fall through Spring.  I’m really loving how they look.  

I planted 5 of them in front of our fence, and another 5 throughout the front garden.  The two colored blooms I found at West Valley Nursery were a yellow/orange or just yellow.  Both look really beautiful. 

My idea is to plant a row of Kangaroo Paw between the Snake Flower and the fence.  I’ve tried 3 times to grow Kangaroo Paw and all 3 times I’ve failed. But with each failure I’ve learned something new so maybe the 4th time will be the charm. I will keep trying because I love the Paws. I even bought a large burgundy pot that would tie the color scheme together with the red ones, which also happen to be the least finicky of all!

A week after we put in the Snake Flower we drove down to Irvine to the Orange County Great Park.  They have so much to see: a balloon ride, carousel, creative playground, race track and an eco-friendly, farming/garden center.  That day we did quite a bit but I didn’t get to visit the garden/farming area. However, to my surprise, I did see the Snake Flower in their gardens.  I felt so proud I was “on it” with my plant selections.  Seeing the Snake Flower in combination with other plants and in a garden with some of the same ideas I had in mind was very inspiring. 

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