Sand Castle

This weekend we got a 6 foot tall sand castle!  Dave just worked on a Capitol One commercial and they had the sand castle built for one of the sets.  Somehow it ended up in our backyard and P is delighted.
It’s made out of styrofoam, “sand paint” and sand.  It’s not Mid Century or the sort of thing you expect to see in a home but it will be with us for a at least a couple months.  I don’t think it’ll make it too long since it’s outside in the elements. Probably about the time P gets bored with it, it will be time to toss it out.  
Dave was very happy he was able to logistically get this thing to our house and over a wall into our backyard. How often is a dad able to get his daughter something like this, unless your Tom Cruise?  It cost over $3000 to build!  We’re all feeling pretty lucky! I may have to throw a sand castle party!   

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