Ryder Rocking Chair

Browsing through Ohdeedoh the other day I found this awesome rocking chair. I was surprised to read it was from West Elm for $599!  I’m contemplating selling ours on Craigslist and buying this one.  I need to drive down there and try it out before I make any final decisions.

Buying a rocking chair turned out to be a big ordeal in this family.  Every parenting book we read said “Buy your rocking chair in advance. It should be your big first purchase.” It was also advice given to the dads “go get your wife a rocking chair or you’ll pay for it later.”  Well, Dave paid for it later.  I researched a few modern chairs before P arrived. I told Dave what I wanted but he dragged his feet.  P arrived. A month later both of our backs were hurting. (Newborns need constant movement to soothe to sleep, ie, they need the same environment they had in the belly for 10 months) Then Dave threw his back out. One day I said “That’s it! I’m going to get a chair and I don’t care how much it costs!”.

Of course the first time P had a crying fit that wouldn’t end was when I was at the furniture store. I was making fast decisions just to get out of there.  I ended up paying $1400 for a brown glider with pink pipping that has a heater and back massager. Not my first choice in style but it had everything we needed for our aching backs. And then I had to wait seven weeks to get it!!! 

I’m super finicky about how a chair feels.  If you’re buying a rocker for the first time for you and your baby, keep in mind that most of the time you’ll spend in it you’ll be half asleep.  So, be sure you can slouch and be comfy at 3am, when you can barely hold yourself up, let alone your baby as well. Problem is finding form and function can be tough.  Now that P is almost four I wish I would have bought something that went better with the rest of the style of our home.
These are some of the other rockers and gliders I’ve loved over the past 4 years:

Eames Molded Rocker at Room and Board $479
Super stylish in a kid’s room. Not the least bit practical at 3am. 
image from Room & Board

Water repelant and stain resistant micro-suade fabric
image from Monte

Joya Rocker by Monte $895
image from Monte
Vintage Danish Rocker from Etsy seller Deja vu long beach: $1295
My mom had a “southern style porch rocker” with my brother. I was 5 when he was born and to this day I will never forget how uncomfortable it was for me to feed him and not bump his head on the wooden arms.  But then again, I was 5 and the rocker was not as stylish as this!
image from Deja Vu

Sleepytime & Storytime Rocker by Nursery Works: $700/ $650
Sleepytime rocker has a higher back which I thought would be ideal with a baby.
The Storytime rocker has a lower back and wider seat ideal for reading to a toddler.

 images from Nursery Works
Low-Rider Glider by City Sprouts $895
images from City Sprouts

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