Front Yard: one year later

A year ago this month we put in the DG pathway in our front yard.  Since then I’ve been gradually adding drought tolerant plants and figuring my way around landscape design.  The yard is far from done but it’s definitely on it’s way. We’ve received compliments from both human and animal neighbors.  Lovely to hear pleasant things from the human folk and just as nice to hear and see humming birds, bees and butterflies come wandering by.  
Here are a few shots of how it’s developing. P was determined to be in as many pictures as possible. I guess she’s blooming just as well! 
We did have to hire a gardener to keep the weeds at bay both in the mulched areas and on the DG path.  The spring rains can get just about anything to sprout up just about anywhere.  It has been a thousand times easier to maintain, super cost-effective on water bills and much nicer to come home to than what was here before!  

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