Home With Potential

Sometimes I wonder why we moved to the valley.  I’m blah about the hot desert-like weather and it’s a bit “vanilla”.  We’re more bohemian. We should have moved to Silver Lake or even Pasadena. For example, I like the patina of age on a home.  Our home needs a paint job but honestly it doesn’t bother me too much because I sort of like the patches on our garage.  Granted they need to be more “art directed” but I like it.  
Well, the thing is that when you live in a place where Pottery Barn is the ideal no one gets “the patina of a by-gone era”…to quote “A Good Year”, one of my all time favorite movies.  We’ve had people over to our house and I explain we bought it on a short sale because we fell in love with it’s bones and it’s potential. Ahhhhh, why do I waste my breath? The words “it’s a house with potential” has no effect on people with no imagination.  I can see their eyes glaze over and it’s as if they have a  ticker tape on their foreheads that reads “this is so NORTH of the boulevard”.   

There is a lot I’d love to change about the house. Some of it can’t be done due to lack of money right now and others we’re choosing to wait till the kids are older or until we can do it ourselves.  We’re like that, we get excited over DIY projects.  Anyway, sometimes I think I should tape this bag on our front door.  Maybe it would help….or maybe not. 

One thought on “Home With Potential

  1. I went to a bar–exuse me, an “ultralounge”–with a brown grocery bag marked “LV.” Some people got it.

    So I vote aye. 😀


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