Pool Side Bed

I’m sure this is not what comes to mind when thinking of a pool side bed.  Something a little sexier maybe?  But you know what can come from “lounging” with the right person on a pool side bed right?…nine months later a little being like the one above and then you’ve come full circle!

Speaking of sexy, poolside and little…. I got this lounger for Annika a few months back.   I saw it in a boutique shop on Abbot Kinney. I think it’s pretty stylish. It was also rather inexpensive…which would explain why it also sells at Walmart.  But stylish things can be found in various places right? Ok, I must admit, had I seen it at Walmart first I may not have bought it.  My first impression was in a stylish store and I was sold.  It must look good in our house to because I’ve been asked about it quite a few times.    

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