Hop Scotch

A few weeks ago I was happily pinning on Pinterest when I came across this rug:
It’s from a company called Scandinavian Design Center and you can find it here.  For some reason the idea of being able to play hop scotch inside seems like a lot of fun.  I don’t know why.  I’m a big fan of being in the great outdoors. Maybe because it’s been so hot here lately.

 Anyway, I immediately thought our bedroom hallway would be a great place for hop scotch but the rug was too wide.  The solution came to me!  I could use Flor tiles to make the board!  It wasn’t a big stretch. Our entrance hallway has them.  

The bedroom hallway has been bugging me.  We’ve had Ikea circles down for three years and now they’re dirty.  The circles were always getting caught on riding toys or strollers and never staying in place.  I was thinking about what to put here and the hop scotch board seemed perfect.   

The numbers are made out of white felt.  I debated spray painting them but in the end the option to remove the numbers seemed better. I found a font I liked and I printed out 0-9 as large as possible on an 8.5×11″ sheet of paper.  Then I cut the numbers out and used them as molds to trace on the white felt. I traced them flipped over backwards so I didn’t need to worry about the marker being visible when I put them down right side up. 

On an educational note, I like the idea of P grabbing the numbers in her hands and playing with them. She can count and knows the values of each number but she can’t point them out in a book or elevator.  I think this “hands on” approach wrapped up in a game may help her identify each one.    

This is the before and after of the hallway. It has the perfect atmosphere for a game with all of P’s artwork on the walls at the end.  I like all the colors on the floor and I love that we are living this phase of kids to the fullest. When else can you have a hop scotch board in your home?  

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