Six, Two…

The last few days something bit my butt and got me stirred up to do things, little things to make the house better.  House numbers for example.  I’ve hated our old ones since the day we moved in and I thought it was going to be one of those easy things I’d change right away. Instead, five years later…

Two days ago I went to Home Depot TWICE to get the right ones.  Today I started installing but didn’t finish. Seven unused holes later the wall is starting to look like swiss cheese.  Dave has to help me.  I don’t have enough upper body humph.  I thought I could crank this out in one hour while the sitter was still here. I couldn’t!  And yes. I decided to down grade from DWR to Home Depot.  $26 for all four numbers instead of $24 a piece……  WAIT A MINUTE!   Ok, I swear five years ago these things were like $75 a piece!   What!  When did the price go down so drastically.  Now, I must research the zero. The zero from Home Depot still bugs me. Maybe I can DWR just that one number.  Hummm…..

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