The Great Outdoors!

I’m so glad I started this blog.  It’s good to get in pictures how far we’ve come with the house.  There are many details that go into making a house feel like a home. Often we forget how much it is those very details that affect our lives in a big way.  Surprisingly it’s not the big stuff…unless you’re adding a room or something.

In 2010 our patio looked like this:

In 2012 it looked like this:

And now here is where we are this year:

The Bertoia chairs moved out to the patio table. The patio table came to us from the neighbors who lived behind us. They were in the hood very shortly. It was less than six months before they had to move again. Since they were trying to pack light they left us the patio table. It’s not what I wanted stylistically but who is going to pass up a free table? It spends most of it’s time under a table cloth anyway.  It’s also given me the chance to feel it out for size. I think I want one that seats 8 instead of 6 next time. 

I love eating outside. I believe every meal tastes better “al fresco”.  I feel much more relaxed. If there are spills, a quick hose off is easier than a mop. And for some reason food doesn’t seem to get tracked all over the place the way it does under our dining table. 

This scenery, this space, makes me happy. I love eating and just hanging with the family out here. I realized it was time to make an investment in outdoor dishes this year.  We had the set up ready for meals. I got the “mermaid” set from Cost Plus.  P and her friends really love it.  A little whimsical for the kids but grown up enough for us. 

G is becoming more independent and with that means more messes. Hoping this summer she will do lots of practice so when we have to go back inside in the fall her eating skills are a little closer to perfect. 

The best part of eating outside is that we are 8 paces away from doing this! 

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