6235 Lubao: Entrance

I’ve been looking at Zillow lately.  It’s depressing. Not that we’re moving but I’m always curious. Most houses in the Los Angeles area, priced in the $500 -900,000 range are very…well, I have to say it: ugly.  It’s a clash of architecture styles with no eye for design. I usually have to go on a design blog afterwards to get the taste of ugly out of my mouth!

This house is unique. It already sold and I hope the people who own it now bought it for how amazing it is. It was sold under asking price which is amazing because the owners got a house with the kind of attention to detail only found in homes in the $3-4 million mark…..or in homes designed by their inhabitants who happen to be architects or designers. 

This is the entry.  Same tile from outside to inside really gives it continuity and flow.  Seamless! 

As you walk in, the courtyard is on the right. The frosted glass is completely opaque. You can’t see in at all. But if you were sitting on the inside you know someone is there.  Smart detail. 

This is the only house in our three block neighborhood that has a second floor.  The stairs are right in the entry way.  In the rest of our homes with this layout, we have a bathroom where that closet door is now.  

Beautiful floating steps. 

The garage is very smart.  The window in the corner gives it both light and ventilation, both of which are always welcomed in a garage space. The far west wall has tons of storage. I love that there is again both light and air coming in over that wall with the way the beams descend. Without those two details for added light and air the garage would feel very enclosed.  Smart details when you consider how many chemicals we store in garages with warnings like “open in a well ventilated area”. 

 This is what the above wall looks like from the outside. 

 Another smart detail, the ramp to take the garbage cans in and out.  On the other side of the gate in front of P is where the cans stay during the week. There is easy access to them from the kitchen…the one place where you are constantly taking garbage out of!  Smart placement. And then on garbage day it’s an easy roll to the street. This kind of detail, so stylishly done is only found in expensive homes!  

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