Capitol Records Building


I’ve lived in Los Angeles for nearly 13 years. One of my, I wouldn’t call it a bucket list….I’m not sure what to call it. But, it’s a list of things I want to do while I live in Los Angeles. I don’t have any immediate plans to move away but I sense that before the girls are in high school we will take a hiatus or permanently move. When that day comes I want to know I did everything I wanted to see/do in LA. Unlike, South Florida where I grew up and never even did an Everglades airboat ride.

Number five on my list: photograph the city at night. I’d like a great night time skyline view of downtown, a view of some quintessential buildings in Hollywood and a dusk view of the Hollywood sign. But for nearly 13 years I’ve been too chicken or too busy to go out alone. But about a month ago I finally started scouting where would be the best place to take the pictures.  I’ve been out a few times now and it’s one part scary and two parts thrilling. I need to do more reconnaissance before I adventure again. A topographic map of LA will be a good place to start the research.

Last night I quickly took pictures of the Capitol Records building.  It’s so beautiful during the holidays.  Apparently the tradition of doing a Christmas tree on top started in 1958. Shooting it in black and white makes me feel like I’m stepping back in time.  Here’s more information about this iconic Hollywood building completed in 1956. As a point of relevance, that was roughly about a year after our house was built.  The 50’s were good.

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