The Big Sur Roadhouse


Over Thanksgiving we went to Big Sur. It’s a place of zen and strength for me.  I absolutely love it and have now gone enough times that I’m starting to find my routines, one of them being places to eat. My days usually don’t start without the Big Sur Bakery. it is hands down one of my favorite places to dine on the planet.  However, on this last trip I discovered a new restaurant that I love just as much, but for different reasons.


The Big Sur Roadhouse opened about a year ago.  I read about it on a blog and made a mental note to go.   But, It still took me a couple days into the trip to remember I had a new dining mission.  We started out with breakfast one morning.  I knew I was going to love it when we entered because of it’s decor. It’s a mixture of modern, Mid Century and Craftsman.  The food is fantastic and when you think it all can’t get any better the bill comes and you’re shocked by how affordable it is. For example this biscuit egg sandwich with maple bacon is $5! It became my routine breakfast. I need protein to start my day!


We went another night for dinner and their staff is what made me fall in love with it even more.  We were seated despite not having reservations. Thanksgiving weekend is high season in Big Sur. They could have been snotty and not taken us at all, but fortunately they did. The kids menu was perfect.  First restaurant in seven years to have a bowl of plain rice for kids!  When the waiter came to take our order he asked if we wanted wine. Yes, he didn’t just ask me!  He asked the girls as well which made P laugh and laugh. He said he had a rare vintage of H2O.  He brought them both water in wine glasses!  I can’t even begin to tell you how happy that made them.


I ordered a shaved fennel salad with deviled eggs and the girls ordered Chicken Popsicles.  These weren’t nuggets out of a box. These were real chicken breast rolled in homemade breadcrumbs and baked.   They ate their entire plates without talking or arguing. I got to enjoy my meal in peace. It was heaven.  The entire waitstaff was so attentive, not just to me, but to the girls as well. They treated both of them, a 7 year old and a 2.5 year old like little adults. They answered the girls’ questions and they looked at them when they were talking. That sounds obvious but I can’t tell you how many restaurants simply ignore kids all together.


The Roadhouse is a different feel than The Bakery and the food is different. I loved going to The Roadhouse for everyday kind of meals while The Bakery has more of a special occasion kind of mood. The Bakery has amazing pastries but I need protein in the morning specially with all the hiking. Both restaurants fill different needs. They are very complementary to that little piece of heaven on PCH.

We had breakfast again before leaving and this time I had the opportunity to photograph a little bit more of the interiors and exteriors. Below are a few pictures. If you go to Big Sur I highly recommend eating at the Roadhouse.The atmosphere, food and service are all wonderful!

How great are these baking tins turned into art?



This room had a modern fireplace while the other had a more traditional one.


Amazing sitting area for a morning coffee or evening drink.



IMG_6582   IMG_6186 IMG_6184 IMG_6160

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