Art on the Walls


In August I finally created a space for the girls to paint. I always wanted them to “Jackson Pollock” a large canvas. My secret wish was to end up with some cool, modern, inexpensive art to hang on my walls. That day the girls created the paining that now hangs in my bedroom. I love it and it has transformed the space. But I never expected other people would love their work to.  It’s really P who is doing these paintings.  I love her art but she is my daughter so I am without a doubt biased.


One afternoon I had my childhood friend Erika over for lunch. P proudly showed off her room and dolls and her latest masterpiece. Erika loved it and commissioned a piece with specific colors and size in mind.  I thought she was just trying to appease P and make her feel important but she was serious. And so this piece came to be and P sold her first painting.


A few weeks later, I went out to dinner with friends, some old and some new.  P showed them pictures of her work and Matthew, who we just met was impressed by it and wanted a painting as well.  Again, I didn’t take it too seriously but this painting came to be and P sold her second work of art.


This has been life changing for P in many ways. I wish I could describe the pride and confidence it’s brought her.  She still can’t believe adults, other than her mother, like something she has created.  It’s brought up an entire discussion about her doing what she feels is right or works, and not to think so much on the outcome or what other people think. All sorts of life lessons have come of her art and the process.  I am very grateful for these friends who have fostered development in my seven year old that’s beyond her years.

To be honest though, I feel almost any child can create works like these. First, I think if you expose a child to the world of art their minds open up.  I’ve been taking P to LACMA since she was an infant. For a while it was a bi-weekly experience, often more. Second, children at a young age are free of the critical mind. They’ll create without worrying about what others think or wondering if its good. In fact, it wasn’t until P was creating a piece for someone specifically that she worried if they would like it. I tried to block her from that mindset. In fact, the hardest part of watching P paint is keeping my mouth shut and keeping my critical mind out of it.  And thirdly, children paint like Picasso and Pollock and Rothko at a young age anyway.   Those artist are brilliant because they are able to get in touch with the purer mindset of a child.

I’m excited! I have my own artist, right there at home, creating great things for our home.  I have a few walls that need some sophisticated art. I can’t wait for spring when the weather is warm and we can paint again.  If you have a young child you should try it. Go for it!  Grab a big canvas and paints and go to town.  Who knows what can happen!

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