Scouting Sundays: Mar Vista

modernhomes  1154

I’ve missed the last two Sundays due to a family emergency. My mom had an accident on the 13th and I flew to Florida for a week to be with her.  I’m finally home and starting to get back to my routines, including being on here.

So, back to looking at architecture throughout Los Angeles. Today’s house is located in Mar Vista. This is one of the best examples of getting to see a house in action. Not only does the couple have young kids and therefore the pool is gated, but they’ve just gotten back from the grocery store so we get to see their kitchen’s functionality. I’m in love with this house! They have a veggie garden. The windows are large and lovely and let all the light pour in. They’re also so welcoming to nature. It’s like they are living in the trees. The lap pool is so smart!  Pools with a typical shape get used a lot with kids and teens and then it seems everyone stops using them. They’re too short, you can’t do laps. Lap pools can be used for decades.  Swimming is such a great form of exercise regardless of age.  I love all of it!

modernhomes  1168 modernhomes  1166 modernhomes  1167 modernhomes  1165 modernhomes  1163 modernhomes  1164 modernhomes  1162 modernhomes  1160 modernhomes  1161 modernhomes  1159 modernhomes  1158 modernhomes  1156 modernhomes  1157 modernhomes  1155
modernhomes  1152 modernhomes  1150 modernhomes  1151

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