The Dragon Flies Again


This fantastic dragon was given to me by an amazing artist and friend, Bill Kheel. He made it for my oldest daughter.  It’s suppose to be her riding the dragon but it was created while I was still pregnant. Little did anyone know both of my girls would end up being blue-eyed and fair-skinned with either with blonde or light brown hair.

dragon 23581


I really love this dragon!  It was meant to hang outside but I didn’t want it to get weathered so for most of it’s life it was inside. He’s so big though and in a way I felt I was caging him in so we moved him outside to the back patio.  Then when we painted the house he went away to storage. Finally, over a year later, we brought him back out!  This time I feel he’s in a much more suited place. He’s hanging on the carport wall that faces the girl’s room.  This area is a favorite play space because it’s shaded and very garden-like.  The dragon is perfect here!

dragon 23580

Bill and I met in Florida but we both ended up in Los Angeles. He now “paints” in a different medium…FELT!  His recent work is best described as “Warren Ross meets Betsy Ross”.  Blue Fish from the Vegan Taxidermy series is my favorite piece. I saw them all up on a brick wall and they looked PHENOMENAL!  If I owned a seafood restaurant this is what I’d put up on the walls! Actually if I had a large wall at home I’d get them in a heart beat!   Besides being a great artist, Bill is also just a great guy all around.  He’s added husband and father to his “life repertoire” since arriving in Los Angeles!  It’s been great seeing a friend evolve as an artist and person over the years.

You can catch one of his events or see more of his work on his website. Or catch him on Instagram: @bkheel  or Twitter: @bkheel1

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