Eating like an Epicurean


Lately, lunches look like this.  Most weekdays I eat with my 3 year old and on the weekends her older sister is home to join us.  I’ve gotten in the habit of putting ingredients on a cutting board and everyone eats what they like.  It’s become a great routine for many reasons:

1. Less dishes to set out, pick up and wash.

2. Nobody complains about not liking lunch. There’s always something for everyone.

3.  Lead by example. If you see others eating olives or other foods you don’t like often enough, eventually you become bold enough to try it. Your kids tastebuds will mature and foods won’t be so foreign if they’re constantly in front of them.

4. We have to sit close together so everyone can reach all the food.  It’s a snuggly lunch.

5. I feel like I’m dining in the South of France or Italy! Specially when we eat outside in the backyard!

For Mother’s Day I think I’m going to ask for a nice wooden serving board.  Right now I’m using our bamboo cutting boards which I do love but they get put through a lot and I’d like something a little fancier and even a little bigger. Here are a few options that will take our meals up a notch.

Foodie Bords, on Etsy. Robert Ellis, has a great assortment of sizes and shapes. This particular board is made from walnut, cherry and maple wood and sells for $62.17.  I think it’s very well priced for it’s generous size: 3/4 x 10 1/2 x 17 3/4 inches and beautiful craftsmanship. They’re made here in the USA in Kentucky.


Paloma’s Nest has beautiful cherry wood boards also in varying sizes and shapes. Their prices range from $74-$128.


Muji is a Japanese store I’m dying to go to in Los Angeles. They’re also online.  I’m curious about what Japanese Cypress wood is like. How does it feel? How does it hold up to cooking and foods?  The boards are also thinner which is a good thing because they get heavy once you load them up with bowls and foods. Lifting a thicker board alone is like going to the gym!  The large one sized at: 14.4×9.6×0.6inch is on sale right now for $34


Sur La Table has a beautiful, round, mango wood option made in India.

They have a large and a small priced at $29.95 and $59.95

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 4.21.13 PM

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