Mid Century Modern For Sale!

IMG_1817Although this is my scouting pictures day I thought I’d change it up to share a beautiful home I saw today!  Back in November I wrote about a Mid Century Modern home that was getting redone.  It’s finally finished and listed and they had an open house today!

I’ve seen a lot of redos and to be honest most leave me dissatisfied. There’s always something missing or off or a detail that wasn’t considered but to me was very obvious. This home however, is really beautiful and very well done. It’s got a well thought out flow. The master bedroom has its own side of the house with privacy and a view of the neighborhood. On the other side, the more private and protected side, are the smaller bedrooms and/or office.  As a mother, I love this set up.

As a foodie and chef, I love that you step up to the kitchen. It’s on a stage so to speak, which is exactly how I feel when I cook for people. My kitchen is where I shine it’s my stage and I would love it if it wasn’t just a feeling but the architecture of my home made it so.  This house does just that! I also think….maybe not, but I think people would stay out of the kitchen because of that one step up.  There’s plenty of gathering area around the island and bar area of the kitchen. But one of my pet peeves is people in the work space of my kitchen. I’m telling you, this home is really well laid out!

The pool was a much needed ad on. Living in the valley on a day like today, it’s 100 degrees, you must have a pool! The location of the home on the lot made it so that the pool had to go in front. However, it doesn’t feel odd or separated from the home. It’s well integrated with privacy. And as the landscaping continues to grow in it’ll feel even more private.  In fact, the walk in from the garage to the front door feels so lovely with the sound of the pool fountain. I bet this will be one of the new owner’s favorite details to come home to! There’s a feeling of serenity before you even hit the front door.

A few other amazing details are the fire pits in both the front and back of the house. The kitchen has a pizza oven! There are places to eat both inside and outside. The windows are so large and beautiful in all areas of the house. My first thought when I was standing in the center was I wish it was raining so I could see and hear the rain from in here. There’s a beautiful balance of reclaimed wood, stone and cement. The redo kept alive the Mid Century essence of the home: one with nature.


I took pictures but their website, Midcenturygem.com, has much better images of the house. And even though it’s beautifully photographed you really need to see and feel it in person.  If $2.5 mil in is your price range let me sell you on a few more bonuses of this neighborhood. Whole Foods and Trader Joes are 5 min away and BOTH have easy parking. There’s a Yoga Works and Spinning place also 5 min away.  Theres one of the few Baby’s R Us in Los Angeles is 10 min away. Calabasas and all it’s swank are 10 min away as well. In the fall the new outdoor/indoor mall on Topanga with a Costco will be completed! It’s going to be gorgeous.  And one of the highlights about living in Woodland Hills is that to get to the west side we have the option of taking the 405 or Topanga Canyon over. There are many times of the day when I look at Google maps and I think you couldn’t pay me to live east of the 405 in the Valley. The West Valley has more travel options and we’re closer to the beach.

IMG_1814 IMG_1815

pizza oven on one side and fireplace on the other

I share these little tidbits because this is the type of house you would find on the west side or the Hollywood Hills. I remember living in Santa Monica and looking at homes in the valley and initially thinking “who would live out there?”.  But when you have a family or a family on the way priorities change. Once I started driving around I noticed all the benefits of this area.  But there’s a shortage of pristine, detailed homes like this one. I look at real estate all the time and even in the million to two million range there’s not much that’s modern with sophisticated details. I don’t know the owner or the realtor but I think this home is so well done I can’t help toot it’s horn! if only it was in my price range!

Here are the details:

Address: 6001 Penfield Avenue Woodland Hills, Ca 91367

Agent: Shelly Slovin with Berkshire Hathaway: shelly@calabasashome.com

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