Edible Garden

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Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

Considering that I do not have a green thumb I’m going to say that mine is doing rather well!  This is all new to me! Sun, soil, water, growing seasons!  I’m discovering where things grow best in winter vs summer on our property. I have the challenge of little space with full sun. And/or the space I have changes with the seasons. Shade is a double-edged sword here. I need it to cool the house down but it becomes a curse for growing a garden.

I’ve planted a couple boxes and barrels. I’m noticing that if a space does well in the winter it does horribly in the summer and vice a versa. So, I’m trying to learn more about plants so I can grow them according to the seasons and what I have available for direct sun and shade. It’s been a big learning experience. I’m not as consistent as I should be. I tend to plant and walk away and hope crops just show up.  But I’m getting into more of a routine in juggling my plants, the dog, the cat and the kids…oh and yes, my own exercise needs! Life is busy and I haven’t even officially started my career back up again. Geez!

The box above is on the south side of our property.  In the winter it’s partly shaded throughout the day so it doesn’t do well.  It does great in the summer with herbs  and other plants. It gets sun but not all day. One of our trees that shades our bedrooms nicely also shades this box. So the plants that do well are the ones that don’t need 100% sun all day.
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I bought two blueberry bushes. One is in the same barrel as our super successful tomato plant so I dare not move it or uproot it!  The other is here…and it’s getting too much sun but this barrel weighs a ton. I need to move it over to a shadier spot but first I need to gather my gumption!

edible-garden 23637

At the North end of our property, right next to the pool is the other barrel.  The tomato was so happy all winter that we decided to build out another planter box here. However, in the summer it doesn’t get full sun.  The strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and peas aren’t doing too bad but they’re not thrilled either. They need more sun.  I’m actually looking forward to planting this out in the winter.  It’s the one spot that gets sun all day long and the temperatures won’t fry the crops!
edible-garden 23636

Remember my vertical garden idea?  Well, that was not so successful!  Our temperatures are in the triple digits in the summer. The concrete and stone are so hot that any plants by the pool fry hanging in little containers.  My vertical palette is sitting very alone these days.  I’m not even sure I could do air plants.  I do think this west facing wall could be successful with deep planter boxes.  A good portion of it gets full sun almost all day long.

So, that is how my garden grows.  In the meantime, my compost bin is doing amazing!  I’m impressed with much we throw in and how it compresses down to a quarter of it’s original size.  It’s turning into beautiful soil.  I will be thrilled to use it in all our planter boxes.

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