Gasolina Cafe

IMG_3036It’s Scouting Sunday but to be honest, I’m out of houses to show you guys. For this week, I’m going to tell you another story.

I love our mechanic. He’s honest, fair and relatively close to our house. When I need to do an oil change and I have the girls with me he is kind enough to work as fast as possible. And I in turn try to get out of his hair. We usually go get breakfast somewhere close. This week I found a new restaurant!  A Spanish restaurant!  In the West Valley!  OMG we’re getting so hip out here! I can’t stand it! And what’s even better is it has an automotive theme! It’s like they made the restaurant just for our visits to the mechanic!

Gasolina Cafe was a great surprise! It made me feel like I was in Milan…the closest to Spain I’ve ever been. Which is sad considering I have quite a bit of family an hour outside of Barcelona! Their service was excellent. The food reminded me of my aunt’s cooking. That is saying a lot!  The woman can cook and knows her way around ham, cheese, olives and some savory sauces! The girls liked their homemade granola and yogurt with berries and the special jam bear!  The homemade pastries were delicious! The ham and egg sandwich was really, really good with a special sauce like I’ve never tasted before.  And the most telling sign of a great breakfast joint is the perfect cappuccino!




Rarely do restaurants have the trifecta: great food, great service and great design. Usually, specially out here in the West Valley they are missing something. So I was delighted to find their bathroom enchanting!  The restaurant is not big. It’s open for breakfast and lunch. Most of the seating is outside, but after visiting the bathroom I hope they expand and design an entire dining room.

Their automotive decor is right on point: historic, charming and well stylized. They have great art work and details like the fabulous floor stencil!

IMG_3031 IMG_3027


Now, I’m really looking forward to getting the car fixed!  On our way back to Steve, our mechanic we found a beautiful graffiti wall. Another great, hip find right here in Woodland Hills! Who would have guessed!


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