The Ancient Art of Smudging


Do you believe in the ancient art of smudging?  I believe in an amalgam of things one of them being smudging. I believe in Holy Water and  strategically placed medallions. I believe in Fung Shui.  I think anything that can bring  better energy to your home is good. It can’t hurt right?

Ok, it might hurt if a cop came to my house right now.  It kind of smells like I lit a really fat joint. The kind only Cheech and Chong could pull off!  Anyway, I had a really rough day yesterday. I felt like things were coming at me left and right. Not big things but a lot of small, inconsequential and yet bothersome things.  I felt like a magnet for all things festering. So, today I decided to light my herbs and clean the space of negativity!  As I’m walking around distributing my cloud of smoke it made me wonder how many other people are into the practice. Are you?

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