Scouting Sundays: Pacific Palisades 01

Let me tell you!  Nothing brings an overwhelming sense of happiness like a house with a view of the ocean!  The colors of the water are tremendously calming. Even when the skies are overcast and the waters are grey it’s still soothing.  This house has views from what seems to be every single room.  My pictures were taken during a director’s survey but you can see more stunning pictures and read about the redesign by Shubin + Donaldson here.

I don’t know if it’s hot where you are, but Los Angeles is experiencing a heat wave right now and these pictures are just what I need to see!  Have a happy Sunday!
REvello white house04 REvello white house03
REvello white house06 REvello white house09 REvello white house07 REvello white house10 REvello white house11 REvello white house12 REvello white house14 REvello white house16 REvello white house21 REvello white house20 REvello white house19 REvello white house18

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