Scouting Sundays: Palisades 02

Today’s sneak peek is an epic house!  There are houses…and then THERE ARE HOUSES! It’s modern. It has a view of the ocean. It’s beautifully decorated. There’s some fabulous pieces in there and the house is obviously expensive but nothing feels stuffy.  It’s huuuuge!  So huge my first thought was I’d lose my kids if I lived there!  I’d literally lose my 3 year old with all her hiding and running around! The house is just amazing. I don’t think I’d ever leave if I lived there! But I would host a lot of dinners and cocktails hour kind of play dates!


ao7TcGlyVlvtaUi8fs4a_iWyuPbcdcpaUAfv3FpyVQ8j2AO9Ltv6mxi1nYZ1RVOOZMoPUQehZpAxmNiEHIeBRwPretty epic right?  And this is just the outside. One thing I like about homes in the Palisades is that they are not right ON the ocean.  It’s beautiful living right next to the ocean but it comes with added maintenance.  There’s always a humid dampness about beach homes. The floor has perpetual sand. No matter how much vacuuming and mopping your living space is technically an extension of the beach!  That alone would drive me nuts. I know these are first world problems but if you have a few million and needed to decide where to live, these little things matter to someone who obsesses about clean floors.

Ok, here is more of this gorgeous home!

GA0l5Y6Az4nTym0MIec_My05PQNpKOAHBx7S6ZjRba8 a01vGgZMBqw4BQgIuzMBmh-6Bzna34dMgntuaaTqQ-k tArn7y5BPWQfubA2bPJcx1qOotHP6tq03YBUGeEe2Gc

The kitchen. I am in love with the long window that runs the length of the counter.  Then add the lovely agave and all of sudden the kitchen has instant color.  How refreshing for the cook. I also like how no corner is dark.  Windows in just the right places change dark forgotten corners into lovely pockets of lights. The corner becomes a nice nook instead of a forgotten dumping ground.  The only change I’d do here, and only because I love color, but I would have liked to see a little more green brought in to mimic the outdoors by having hanging lights be a calming shade of green instead of white.  Just so there is contrast  instead of blending to the cabinets.  But this is being very picky. I love this space!

wquPHpzzFl5h60FdeH9CKFnOnqGUlZdAzBpEIpynMP8 8eD21LfqrqH5Vn8AT0BgmSZmcGCfv_y4nSDYIWhoPS8 e7_RxhIAN43-zhxx6zuXHEF9aDe3dxlU8v3O0uA8uJw

One of the buildings (there are multiple buildings) has this lower space that’s a lounging, workout/yoga and music space.  I’m in love with this area!  What a lovely space to do yoga. I’m assuming it’s for yoga because there are holes in the walls that look like wall hooks for belts when doing yoga with props. I also think I see bolsters.  The room has a big sliding wooden door for privacy. However, as a mother of two young children I’d love this space so one can play, paint, whatever, the other do homework or practice her violin while I do yoga. It’s every mother’s dream!

6SiIhr1xNTXCvZ7nFYQOp92ASR6NSYHxk7d5FA2KwFI Hjv119h-ZFhiXkYLGo9PhkbNQAEEtXYeQhNp451QNj4 sjAlCyKcpdMgn6jSKSJ5MjqDpzPqrxJCYv71CvqYB_M N_K0WMi9AqqiWWVzOkkhcKuT9XLmeTNhJ8h0oZA2WAE M65O1Xc6fH_BUUhMhIddiT5-qmS5mENyy5f6E2CeZgg hqMr-Zyc-2d8QiHbnOc5vPodon-jkMYji3uEpy1K-u0

The TWO showers and tub!  This is like a gym shower with multiple heads! (unfortunately don’t see it in the pictures.) With my modesty it would take some getting use to to shower in such an open space! But I could live with it!


Love this bookcase! LOVE!!!!rJHKrNb2lgRAs2O7PnLdASF149SNgeJI3khMvtjvrY4

And finally, more of the outside. Enjoy! Happy Sunday!

yjgWHhJicUh3K57hlnZSHEAnGfDgV15HkH5GVNmxIvo 8EdnRTspyRQAsbeKfXNzLqvs_1LSmDE6l6Ez5I0EVrM IVxCvOlsR-M9sRsb18IOvKLqECDx5edRb08PLyr1Ux4 ASOITeSXDzAqGFSnj9W4FiCaMqcGHbEvzjsLD8yZY8M yNT9w_jtPsvyNB7cmlde2uxLO0cN1IsoKef7grhIOxk

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