Between the Storms

IMG_7291Hello El Nino!  I love the rain! As I looked out the window on Tuesday and relished in the sound of rain on my roof I remembered that I had forgotten to get pavers and grass seed for the gardner. Ugh!  The thought was a rain buzz kill!

The rain was relentless yesterday. Fortunately the house and property are doing well. I’m not stressing about leaks or flooding.  I feel blessed for that!  But I stressed about a missed opportunity to get my lawn going. Today the rain stopped.  I decided I would seed myself.  Our grassy area is small, I could handle it! I still had not picked up seed so I went to Home Depot in a mad rush thinking the rains might pick up again.

While I was there I grabbed more things. Home Depot is as bad as Target for me! I got the pavers I wanted/needed. I’ve been wanting to plant more drought tolerant plants in the front yard so I grabbed 4 of those. This is the time to do it. I’d prefer mother nature handle the watering for free. It’s been a while since I planted anything due to our drought.  While I was in a gardening mood I grabbed a few succulents for my succulent wreath and other potting projects I had on my mind.

The pavers are for this area:IMG_7442

Every spring this grassy spot off the patio starts out green and lush. By early summer it’s worn down from all our walking back and forth. By mid-late summer it’s a mud puddle from kid projects and my planting.  This year I thought I’d try pavers with enough space to grown grass but properly spaced out so we walk on them.  Unfortunately, my calculations were way off. I’m short about 32 pavers!  But this is the general idea developing.

The 4 plants I got are for the front yard. Something is up with the east wall. My lavender are dying and turning black. I’ve always wanted to layer the entire front much better. I need some height and ground covering with mixed greens and any other color in there.  I thought I’d start out with these four plants I like.

IMG_7445Nandini or Heavenly Bamboo

IMG_7446Purple Hopseed Bush

IMG_7444Pride of Madeira “Gavilan Blue”

IMG_7447Bottle Brush “Little John”. It’s suppose to attract butterflies. I hope so! I love seeing them when we come and go through the front yard.


IMG_7429G helped quite a bit.  She’s the bomb and like most kids her age, she sees the world with a different perspective.  When I opened up the seed bag she said “Woa! Someone is making microbots!”  If you’ve seen Big Hero 6 you’ll know what she was talking about.  It made me laugh.



The area I worked on today currently looks like this:

IMG_7450Lets see how it looks in a few months!  This is the exciting part about gardening!  Hoping for a blossoming future! Today was a great day to work in the garden. The rains are expected to continue in the next few days!  Hello El Nino!



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