Messy junk shelf to clean indoor garden.

IMG_7673Every house has a “catch-all” area.  Mine happens to be visible to all.  This half shelf between the kitchen and living room is…was the place where all the odds and ends of the day piled up. After a week it was a disaster. After a month it was hopeless!  It literally was a visible junk drawer.

These type of half-shelves appear in flipped homes or corporate type of apartments and that says a lot. No one installs these in their homes because they are useless.  They’re too high to be a bar and not at the same level as the counter so their practical purpose is lost.  They’re purely decorative. I’ve been dying to knock it down to the same height as the counter so my girls have a homework area right next to the kitchen.

On a side note, any mom with young children will tell you the value of homework/craft space next to the kitchen, that is not the dining room table.  Making dinner and helping with homework go hand in hand which transitions straight into dinner. Every evening I wish I didn’t have to clear the kids and their projects from the dinner table before setting the table.  It’s a waste of 15 minutes of homework time. And any good mom will tell you how every minute from after school to bed time is valuable.  Like ocean front property valuable!

So, back to my wasted space.  Sometime around Halloween I finally decided to make this my seasonal decorated area.  I took all the junk off and decorated with pumpkins and plants; succulents and air plants to be exact.  Thanksgiving: plants with turkeys and the kids artwork.  Christmas: plants and pinecones with nutcrackers and Nativity sculptures. The new year came and I craved a clean space with just plants. Miraculously the space has remained clean except for the TV remote controls.


I recently spruced up all my pots, all happen to be from Potted.  I heard you can grow your own scallions, so I started doing that right here. I have scallions daily in my morning eggs.  The shelf is now a pleasure to look at.  It’s brought the outdoors inside.


I still want to knock the shelf down but I fear it will turn into a full on kitchen remodel.  Bringing the shelf down requires a new kitchen countertop, which requires a new sink and I think that will bring on cabinets, and, etc, etc.  Until I take the plunge I can at least be inspired instead of frustrated by the space.  Having pretty pots really helps.

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