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I was born in Bogota, Colombia. When I was three, my mom and I got on a plane and caught up with my dad who had already been living in Washington DC for a year.  He immigrated to the United States with $50 in his pocket and a desire to live without the labels placed on a couple from two opposite social economic backgrounds. He also had plans to make me a professional tennis player.   I grew up learning to be disciplined, dedicated and focused….on a sport I had no passion for.  It did however, grant me opportunities, travel and introductions to amazing people.  I have no regrets and instead I have a clear understanding of how important it is to follow your passions. Mine are: architecture, photography, design, travel, cooking, wood working and surrounding my self with passionate people.

This blog started about a year after buying our Mid Century Modern house in 2007.  It was built in 1950 by Palmer & Krisel. Dan Palmer has since passed but William Krisel is still making beautiful things.  He is known for a lot of great architecture in Palm Springs (The Elvis Presley House) and here in the San Fernando Valley (a suburb of Los Angeles).

I had big plans for our house.  It needed/needs to be brought back to it’s Mid Century glory and I have been on a mission since 2007. However, we moved in a month before my first daughter was born. Due to lack of time and money, progress has never been as fast as I wish.  So, a year after moving in I a was depressed. Maybe it was postpartum or my lack of progress, or a combination of both. I was going through photos of my daughter’s birth when I found pictures of  the day we moved in.  My belly was enormous and the house had had almost as much transformation as I did.  Life was such a blur in that first year of becoming parents that I didn’t take notice of all the progress we made.   I decided to track our projects and so Kriselkeeper was born.

The blog has become not just a place of documentation of change but of jotting down inspirations, creative directions and curating objects of great design.  As a mom of two now,  it’s hard to get out to all the great events: Dwell on Design, Modernism Week, art openings, photo exhibitions etc. But, as I put the girls to sleep my computer comes out and I get to go everywhere, if only on my screen. I read and research and visualize and my sanity comes back to me.  My creativity is kept alive. Before my resume had “MOM” stamped all over it in bright red ink, I had titles like art director, photographer, copy writer, graphic artist, web designer, set designer, etc…and it goes all the way back to kindergarten when  my report card read “tremendously creative with her crayons, excels in art”.

So here I am. And here you are and I hope I get to see a lot more of you! Thank you for visiting.

Angela Ferdig





2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello.

    I and my husband recently bought an Eichler home in Granada Hills. We are planning to restore the house and, during my research for inspiration ideas, I found your blog. Although I was a person who paid little attention to architecture before, now I’m interested in beautiful architecture, especially mid-century style. I’m happy to find someone who has similar interests (but is not into it too much like professional architects since I would be afraid of talking to then) in San Fernando Valley:)
    I’m looking forward to reading your stories!


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